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For the time being, no license is required
You may download the program and try it. The program provides some capabilities with the use of its components. However, the source code is not distributed (freeware license). All builds will be implemented in the commercial development environment under the relevant license of the developer.

The fact that the programm is "free" does not permit presence of some "malicious" bugs or intentions; the programm shall not be used as spyware.
Developers of AsmLocator guarantee the following:

1. Absense of malicious intent in the developed code, like surveillance, distribution of malicious code (viruses, trojans, worms, spyware etc.)

2. Absense of bugs in the software, including those which can "freeze" the system and those leading to the CPU memory errors (where possible, depending on acquisition times of different systems).

3. Absense of ambiguity; a user shall not be forced to get some features which he/she was not warned about previously, at least by displaying some message. The latter includes advertisements, display of various banners or links, flash applications, music or videos, as well as everything which does not have something to do with the following subject: "multi-function file-sharing client".
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