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Here is the description of various features of the program
Here is the description of various features of the program, relative to different versions of the program.

Note: The description will NOT be strictly compliant with the order of versions (for brevity) since the program has many experimental and intermediate versions. Therefore, it is not necessary to descript all versions in their order.

v50 - Client and server applications have been developed. These applications interact via the TCP/IP protocol with SSL encryption support. This protocol ensures with the probability of 1 that if data have been intercepted in any point of the net, they cannot be read. The server is adapted both for automatic speed adjustment (when the number of clients changes) and for manual adjustment of download-upload speed (over a very wide range). There was a bug in the experimental version, which happened for an undefined reason, but it was fixed. Many server-side functions have been introduced. As for the client, several bugs have been fixed, which affected performance of the program in some modes (i.e. bugs happened in some transitional modes); they were fixed by addition of new code as well as by debugging. Progress bar has been added, digital speed indicator, arrow speed indicator (an arrow rotating over a dial); all of it is implemented with the code in C++. It is now possible choose if the program should be launched at startup. Two timers have been added. The first one is used for dialing, for example, if there is a bad connection to the Internet, the second timer sets the update period. Only one instance of the client can now be launched. Functions and features of the program are now described. If there is a disconnection (e.g. due to bad connection to the Internet), the download will resume right after connection is reestablished, from that very spot where the download was when the disconnection occured (i.e. downloaded data are saved). Moreover, reboot has no influence on the above. The program treats a reboot (or turning off) just like it treats disconnection.

v51 - Two units for file scanner (the slow one and the fast one) have been developed, which perform check with different parameters. No "artificial" speed limit has been used, there is no "cheating".

v52 - The program now implements possibility to use multiple servers, which means that when a server is unreachable or if a server has been deactivated by the ISP, a different server will be tried, and, therefore, a different ISP. Several dozens of servers can now be used. The number is not that important, since it is easy to set any number. A warning window which informs about the unavailability of a server will now be displayed when trying a different server. This window means that connection problems are on the side of the user or its ISP.

v53 - A bug has been fixed - inactivity when signal transmission from ISP server failed.

v54 - Restoration (restart) feature has been added to the server application, the program restarts if it has been stopped. It seems, now the server can be "killed" only if the system stops.

v55 (November 2012) - version v0.0.54 with the use of full size source files. The performance is unchanged, however, but "rotten" code will be impossible in the future. The term "rotten code" means that the "idea" of the code has been lost.

v56 (November 2012) - It is now possible to set automatic reinstall of the main code of the program by just setting one tick. Top secret code has been developed which provides security of the program (as its integral part). Corresponding changes have been made to texts of different windows and to the order of their start in accordance with the new program policy (ASMLocator downloader).

v57 (November 2012) - A special code has been used to improve the logic of windows layout. Some causes of performance issues under Windows 7 have been identified. We are now working on full portability for Windows 7 as well as on compliance with Linux systems.

v58 (November 2012) - Automatic launch of the executable has been implemented. The downloader now works only under Windows 7, support of other systems including XP will be added in the next version. A functional file has been added - Mozilla Firefox browser, i.e. your browser will be updated automatically.

v59 (December 2012) - Support of Windows XP has been added.

v60 (February 2013) - The installer of the downloader has been improved. Note: you need to stop the old version of the program malually before reinstalling the downloader in order to get rid of bugs. A fully automated version, which will not be influenced by the old version, will be available on the near future (I am already working on the code). This feature is needed for careless users.

v1.60 (February 2012) - First debug version of the torrent client has been developed. The code is internal, not for distribution.

v2.60 (February 2013) - Several errors in the code have been fixed. There have been several changes which simplify further work with the code and speed up the development. This is only debug code, not for general use.

v2.61 (March 2013) - Appearance of speed gauges in the downloader has been improved. Moreover, range switches are now much more conspicuous. This version is internal and will be released with other additions as well.

v3.65 (March 2013) - Several error have been fixed in the torrent, considerable functional improvements have been made. Currently I am working on a minor bug fix. Loader_ASML now has a function of defense against server attacks, although such attacks are highly unlikely with SSL encryption.

v4.68 (APril 2013) - The downloader now implements automatic (non-demanding) reintall of a newer version. Non-automatic (manual) reinstall is used, e.g., in the Firefox browser. Therefore, non-automatic programs are not convenient. Auto-update code for the torrent client has been prepared. This version is internal.
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