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Let's talk about uTorrent.

In the past, I thought that its code was highly compact (at least it seemed to me so). However, in reality things were much more grim. The exe-file itself is really compiled in C++ mostly with its own library, rasterbar, and is very light. But if we add one package, its size grows to 800 KB. And it's just one package! If we remember that our torrent client supports 30-40 languages, then we can calculate that uTorrent will be 18 MB in size with this functionality!!!
So, this cold math led us to this very valid conclusion: the image of the torrent client uTorrent was ARTIFICIALLY CRAFTED! Nothing personal, just math :-). Some people just promoted this software, nowadays 95% of people in the world use uTorrent. And they were brutally fed these promotional nonsense all this time! There is a good Russian proverb for this situation: "Who pays for a girl's dinner, dances with her". That's what I was trying to say.


The torrent client MediaGet is a DANGEROUS (in reltation to network) software! See details here (in Russian): or you can just enter "MediaGet" in google. Wikipedia doesn't even list this "super champion", as some untaught programmers call it, in comparison of torrent-clients.

After installation MediaGet makes so many changes that a common user without adcanced knowledge would have to reinstall the operating system to get rid of it.
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