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The network project "ASMLocator"
The network project "ASMLocator" has its center in Tyumen city. If you provide some kind of assistance to the project, you will be able to use "SPECIAL FEATURES" of the program for free for unlimited time. This rule includes all versions of the program, even the most recent ones - depending on the choice of the user.

It is easy to help the project, you just need to register here:


Reponse will contain confirmation of registration in the whole ASMLocator project; an entry about a SPECIAL USER with a lifetime key will be added into the registration file . The key, however, shall not have any fixed value. Above registration data will have priority for confirmation of lifetime possession. Users registration data MAY NOT BE DELETED!

Release of the program will be announced on the website of the company, accompanied by a download link. The above opportunity of registering as a SPECIAL USER of the ASMLocator project is only going to be possible during the development phase of the program.

Support: +7-909-740-72-73 (call any time)
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